Friday, March 20, 2009


I went to my friends Dawn and Ron and delivered the dogs, got my Blue Badge (a story there but it can wait) and then went to the Asian area. Dawn rightly said there would the clothes I wanted. Well, I wanted a a much shorter, Jodhpuri jacket and waistcoat but try as we might, those I loved didn't fit! Dawn persuaded me to buy the Sherwani above. I really had my doubts about it all the way home. I didn't think it would go with jeans and my DM's and Stetson. My neighbour, Michael, 26, male, str8, who took the photograph, thinks it all goes well together so i guess it does! This would be for summer wear though and summer dog shows. I would only wear it to a show. Maybe when I go and talk/demonstrate.

The Jodhpuri I liked I can have made to measure so I think we shall have to go back......

EDIT: THE BOOTS ARE NOT PINK AND THEY MATCH THE EMBROIDERY IN COLOUR. BTW my monitor shows whatI see in real life so I guess some of us still have poor ones!

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