Monday, March 09, 2009


Bad dreams and I awoke at 2.50am feeling very sick. By 3.20am I was lying on the bathroom floor alternately exploding form both ends. I hate being sick but oh I was glad to be rid of the nausea last night.

I spoke with John this morning about my feeling that despite my good recovery from my past, I seem to be more sensitive than ever. He says he isn't surprised because I have developed so much, especially where my mediumship is concerned. Well, as I can't not be a medium and never have not been, I have no idea how to compare sensitivity with or with out. Meaning, I cannot not be who I am so have no way of knowing whether or not I am more sensitive.

I know that a good friend of mine who is a Spiritualist Minister said pretty much the same thing. She said my experience was terrible and even more so because of my sensitivity. I have nothing to compare it to so....

John is going to see Stuart this morning. He is coughing has been waking me up so he can't pretend he doesn't have a problem again. This time it was only a short argument. I think he knows I mean business now. He knew without me saying that i was not going to le tit drop and that I would not take him to the station if he didn't see Stuart first. I reminded him that we are going away to Hungary in less than two weeks and will be away for 2 weeks and that he can't be sick for that especially as he will probably have to push me around a fair bit!

Aaarrgh! Why do so many men behave like children when it comes to taking care of their health and seeing a Doctor?
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