Sunday, March 15, 2009


We have had a right ding dong this morning. He is coughing badly. I tell him he has to see the Doc tomorrow and he goes into one. I tell him that our holiday trip is booked and paid for(the hotels and the Chunnel) and is not refundable(the deals we took were no cancellation) and the way it looks right now is that we will not be able to go because he will still be coughing. He refuses to accept he has a serious health problem. He thinks the doctor has told him he has a mild problem and will be okay if he takes care.

The trouble is he has the beginnings of serious problems and the Doctor actually told him that if he takes care he could last many years yet but ONLY if he takes care. John seems to think that he gets a cough which is a minor inconvenience every now and then. He doesn't seem to realise that it could kill him, that it isn't minor, that it isn't slightly more than a cold! Between these bouts (and this is the first for this winter) he takes two different types of inhaler and two different drugs for his lungs. Why does he still think it's minor?

Yes, I know he is scared of it but really sticking his head in the sand will not make it go away. Then he makes out I am unreasonable and a nag. He'd be dead if I didn't tell when he needs to see the Doctor and didn't insist that he did. yes, last Monday he would have gone to work had I not refused to take him to the station. I have to play this game every time. And every time the doctor puts him on steroids and antibiotics and tells him he should have come sooner and the very next time John still tells me I am overreacting.

(Oh and his breathing is down to 230 again. Not that he told me that it had been up to 520 which is excellent, but I didn't know that cos he didn't think it was important!)

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