Tuesday, March 17, 2009


..but I might later unless I have a better offer which lets face it is hardly likely since I am not going out.

I gave Daniel a trial run today.(edit: Daniel as in Craig-the explanation is too rude!) Or rather this afternoon. I used him to go to the Doc. Oh pavements are very bumpy and potholey. also, you'd think it would be easy to drive one of these things. It isn't. The joy stick is very sensitive and one really has to be careful which way one touches it or it just shoots off . I soon figured out that he is easier to handle when set to slow. I eventually also figured out how to how his stick forward with no slight left or right movements which of course caused Daniel to left or right. I didn't wan tot end up in the traffic. Oh, and not all pavements have dips. The most difficulty I had was manoeuvring around the surgery and thru too narrow doorways.

I accepted the script for the morphine and at 7pm I snapped one 10mg pill in half and took it. At 7.15pm i went next door to Joyce who is a nurse for reassurance that I was okay. I got a little panicky. I HATE new drugs. My face felt flushed but that was it. At 8pm I came back indoors and took the other half. I feel quite nice now. It was decided I would take it now so that if anything untoward happened it wasn't the middle of the night. Nothing has happened and I feel really quite nice. I feel a little heavy in my hands as I type but appear to have no pain anywhere.In fact I could happily go tot bed but it is too early for the dogs and John hasn't called yet.

I will only take a couple of these with me on our trip, if any at all. They are not for regular use, only for when it gets too much. Elizabeth agreed that the anitinflammatories are really not wise for me. Retaining salt, water and not peeing much and having a raised bp are all dangerous. Since I stopped taking them yesterday, I have peed constantly today. (I am not sure at all that my spellchecker can spell you know. It comes up with the oddest words and thinks some real words are not and vice versa.)

Anyway I must go and see to the pups and dogs.
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