Monday, March 16, 2009


The weather is gorgeous, 17c (low 60's), sunny and warm. The car passed it's yearly MOT check, only needed a couple of minor things done to it.

Last night's service went well. It was a pleasant drive there and back without incident. I listened Jean Michel Jarre there and back. I was in that sort of mood, 4hours total driving time.

I have some beautiful sock yarn and the bloody stuff will only knit in single colour stripes no matter what I try and I have tried many things! I think I shall leave ti be for now as it is really winding me up now.

We forgot to get the lottery tickets on Saturday. It was a big mistake to have elected for set numbers all those years ago! We should have just gone for lucky dips. Now we have to do it. Thank fully, our numbers did not win the jackpot this week.

Only the rest of today and 4 more days before we leave on our road trip to Budapest. I am excited about it. I am especially looking forward to it as I know the turbo chair will be taking off so much of the strain of the trip for us both.

For the last three days I have been taking anti-inflammatories. I have had to stop today. I have put on almost 5lbs and my blood pressure is up. The 5 lbs is water/salt retention, thus the higher bp. Damn! They make me feel really good too. However, I can't afford high bp with my angina and the not peeing and bloat feels awful anyway. Plus I am not sleeping well. Don't know why my sleep should be disturbed but it only started the night of the day I started the new tabs. Hopefully, I shall have peed out the excess salt and water by tomorrow. Oh and I also found out that if I don't take the Colofac I just stop pooing! So I am back taking it.

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