Thursday, March 19, 2009


I am especially pleased with Clyde. The shape is my own but the pattern itself may be mine or it may not be. I can't recall. I know I farted about with it in DesignAKnit before I downloaded and knitted it. It may well be a pattern from elsewhere that I have altered.
The yarn is 4ply(fingering) weight 100% wool. Knitted using a Garter Carriage on the Brother 940. Gauge is 32 / 43 per 10cm. or 8 /10.75 pi.

The neckline is just how I wanted it. I do believe it is the first time I have knitted a plain crew like this which fits me just so. I like my necks to fit close but it is difficult to knit for this and still be able to get it over one's head. This easily goes over my head and the collar sits close to my neck.

My usual half raglan set in sleeve.

Side seams match (as do shoulder seams)

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