Saturday, March 14, 2009


So John is coughing even more today than he was last weekend. I comment on it and he says he has finished the steroids and will start the antibiotics tomorrow.


I said to him that was supposed to take them both together and this is why he was till coughing. Oh no. The coughing is proof to him that he is getting better because coughing brings up gunge. That must mean he is getting better. Besides, the Doctor gave him a repeat of the antibiotics so they were only 'in case'.

Gosh, this man has two degrees!!!!

No, I said, you take the steroids and the anitbiotics at the same time. The second set of antibiotics are in case you need them. i.e. you are still coughing. And, by the way, having a hacking cough is a sign you are ill not a sign that you are getting better.

What do I know? Okay, so I call the Doctor who once again backs me up. I resist the urge to say 'I told you so' but John immediately starts taking his antibiotics.

I say I TOLD YOU SO on here instead!!!

Grrr, you know, since he is worth so much to me dead, perhaps I should leave him to get on with it! I could get a gold plated turbo charged wheelchair and a big hunk to go with it!
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