Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Before I forget: this yarn was bought from Jan at THE WOOLHUNTER. Excellent service, excellent yarn, excellent prices. The colourway is called Garland and is a 75% Bluefaced Leicester25% Nylon yarn.
425 m per 100 gms. I used KnitPro (KnitPicks) circulars, 2mm. Each knitted on it's own needle concurrently. The yarn is beautifully soft, easy to knit with. I love the way it pooled aroudn the gusset and heel. i wish it could have pooled all over. I am like that, I love yarns to pool and mine rarely do! I used my Andersson Method of construction and my Andersson heel Mach II.

MACH II heel.

Right and left views.

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