Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We arrived at our hotel in Budapest. It is very nice. The weather here is bitterly cold!

Okay, we got some bad news. Gail, a good friend called to say that we have been burgled. It was done very soon after we left and Gail had been pondering whether or not to tell us. I am glad she did. I wasn't at first but I wasn't thinking clearly. John is very upset about this. This sort of thing panics him. I muts say my reaction was to need to go to the loo very fast. At least I don't feel bloated now.

Anyway, Gail was able to go back to my house and it seems only the TV and my PC monitor were taken. Thank fully niether of my pc towers were removed. So Gail has taken those and the blu ray dvd palyer to her home. I cancelled the cards we left at home as no way of knowing if they were nicked too.

At first I felt intense fear amd so did John and John wanted to go home. I don't think he does now. Trouble is it would take at least 3 days to get back now and I can't do it after drivng the 1350 miles here(house to hotel). Also there is little point. The police and forensics have been and secured the house it seems.

My problem is going to be safety. I have always felt safe in that house. I now don't. I also have suspicions. Someone we know has done this, someone who knew we were going away and no dogs were in the house. This wasn't anyone taking a chance. This was someone who knew there wopuld be no dogs. This makes me feel sick.

My fear has abated. The dogs and we are fine. Only material goods taken. My biggest fear was that my pc's were taken. They are really very personal to me. I have all my photographs on them, my designs. I have no idea if my storage devices were taken or not.

Obviously we will have some serious securing to do when we get home. And I must take steps to secure my personal pc stuff. How I am not sure. The thought of losing all that, my writing, my dog pictures etc is not a happy thought at all. It feels to me like they contian my life. Oh I know I can always get a new one and be online but I can't replace the photgraphs and writings and emails I found special etc.

I need to go now but the hotel has pc access so I can update easily.
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