Sunday, March 08, 2009


I have watched the second series of The Tudors recently and tonight we have just watched ELIZABETH-The Golden Age.

I am astounded by the beauty of the clothes these people made and wore. Especially when I know everything was made by hand and was done either by daylight or candle light. Truly amazing. My own work pales into nothingness by comparison.

The colours were vibrant, the materials sumptuous, the styles elaborate. Equally for men as for women.

What a pity that clothes today are plain and tawdry by comparison. In the West at any rate. Places like India still know how to dress.

Even more of a shame that men's clothing is so dull. Men are expected to look stiff and dull. Dark suits, white shirts, perhaps a coloured one. Just as long as we look dull. The height of cool for a man seems to be white suit with a hat worn backwards and dark lensed glasses. Thrills.

These films provided a true feast of colour and display. Wonderful to watch. Strange how such beauty was created, worn and displayed by people who committed such dreadful, hateful and painful acts upon each other.

(It also becomes clear that war over religion is not new at all and that what we are experiencing today, the evils of fundamentalism-Xtian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu etc - is just the same a sit was then and the pain inflicted as wicked. All for pride and ideas. Nothing more than that.)
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