Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I slept very well indeed. I woke after three hours to pee and then did not wake again until the alarm went off which made me jump as I normally am awake before it goes off. I felt so much better. the pain had started to return but I was able to get out of bed with no trouble. Not bad considering I had taken the pill at 7pm and I was up at 5.30am.

I had a very enjoyable swim. I had taken paracetamol/codeine before hand and whilst this does not stop it, it helps. I am sure I swam so well and enjoyed it so much because I have had a really good sleep. I think one does not appreciate what lack of good sleep does to a person. At least I don't until I get a good sleep and the feeling is is just so different from my normal state. Same as when the pain stops. It's weird. I am sure others with chronic pain get this. One doesn't really know just how bad it is until it stops.

I have much to do today and tomorrow and Friday. I am surprised how excited I am to be going on this trip. Partially it's because we are driving to Hungary where I have never been and also noted yesterday that our GPS route takes us by Bratislava in the Slovak Republic. It is only 125 miles from Budapest so we may make it a day trip.
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