Monday, March 09, 2009


I have been looking into buying a powerchair. A wheelchair with electric power that I control myself. NOT a mobility scooter but a regular wheelchair with power. I don't like the scooters and they are not suitable for when we go into restaurants etc.

They are expensive. At present we use an ordinary wheelchair with large wheels that I can control myself. However, not when I am tired and also I now have painful shoulders, which hurt just getting dressed. So using this chair for long periods is not on and then John pushes me which he says is no hassle and not a chore or heavy work. However, I don't like it. Also if we go up an incline, I have to get out and walk and inclines are more painful for me.

I have wondered about the cost for a person who is not paralysed but John thinks that is a silly thing to think of.

The truth is if I go shopping, or out anywhere, I need a wheelchair. I can't walk for long and beside the pain, I get tired very quickly. Even when medicated to the hilt.

The convenience of the present chair is that it is easily put in and out of the car. It is easily moved empty and folded. It is easy to for me to get out and have it folded up when going into places that are not accessible but don't have a load of steps.

The power versions are not so easily dismissed. Like in some restaurants, tho it is easier for me to sit in my chair, it isn't possible so the chair is folded and the staff put it out of the way. Not that easy with a powerchair, if at all possible.

I know that a powerchair would definitely get used but I am wondering if in the long run it will cause more problems than it solves. Also, from the limited looking I have done, it seems the power packs are about 35kg(77lbs) and that is very heavy for John to lift in and out of the car.

Perhaps all these concerns will be addressed by the people at the mobility centre.

I have only just started to feel better. My gut is still sore and I still have the runs. I am really pissed off that one upset ruins 4 dyas of my life. I have had calls from people who were concerned about how ill I looked at Cruft's. Word got around about what happened and all seem to be of the same opinion that those people were vile and out of order. Yet there is this part of me that thinks it was nothing really and certainly shouldn't have had this affect on me. It has though and that is that. I am back at the pool in the morning if my gut allows it.
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