Monday, May 14, 2007

Pardon Me?

"Colin, I feel I need to "call" you on what you are doing. Time after
time you post these innocuous invitations to come see a picture related
to sock knitting, posted on your blog, but the paragraphs of political
diatribe one must wade through first belie your true intentions. You are
baiting the list, to get them to read your personal politics. The
picture we were invited to see is always way down on the page, after all
of your writing. This is nothing but dishonest.

I will no longer link to your blog, because I do not appreciate being
made a captive audience to your rants. "

I received this post when I got home from my SNU meeting last night. I had to read it a few times to make sure it was saying what it appears to say!

Now for this poor captive, I think this is a case for Maulder and Scully to investigate. After all, if you go and look at a sock picture but get held captive to political ranting, that really is a supernatural happening that warrants investigation as soon as possible. In the meantime, I hope those shackles are not too tight and you have access to food and water....

This email is a very good example of people reading what they want to read and not what is written. It is also a good example of a person acting out their angst and picking a target, even if there is no logic to it.

It could also be from a victim of abuse of a perpetrator of abuse, possibly both. Or maybe even someone of the fundamentalist persuasion. Whatever, reading my blog obviously pushes their buttons big time. I wonder if they thought of not reading it before now? How long did it take for this to fester before the penny dropped?

This email went to a public list with about 10000 subscribers. Not a good idea really, especially if one wants to give a good impression.

I know that there are many people out who are not into self examination. Such emails make this quite clear. If we took the time to examine our thoughts and feelings, we can often, tho not always(I know!), stop ourselves from acting the fool.

As for political ranting, where is that on my blog? I have mentioned neither of the big B's, the nor the big W, nor AQ, not given my thoughts on left or right or centre.

Mind you, perhaps that is an idea for future posts.....

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