Sunday, May 13, 2007

OPAL HUMMEL( BEE ) Colour 1613

Look here for how it ought to look. Bottom left corner. I am somewhat disappointed with this knitted out. It is nothing like the ball band shows it to be.

I am pleased with the fit of this sock. I have been experimenting with different widths and lengths and different types of heels. I have found that for me, the Sherman Heel,

my adaptation of it, is the easiest to knit and the most comfortable to wear. Most importantly it looks good and neat. No matter how easy this might have been, if it didn't look good, I wouldn't do it.
I do not decrease that much for the toe as mine are not crushed widthways so it seemed daft to decrease a lot.

I decreased from 76 sts down to 56sts.
I use 2mm needles for the ribbing and 2.25 for the rest. 22 rs of rib 70 st st rows till heel, further 99 rows after heel till cast off.
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