Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fortissima Socka

This is Fortissima Socka, Cotton Colour, shade 6533. 45% cotton, 42% virgin superwash and 13% nylon.

The handle made this smooth to knit. The sock itself feels really good. I prefer it to Regia Cotton tho to be fair to Regia I did knit that one over 80 sts whereas I knit this one over 72. Still, I prefer the stitches on this yarn.

I did a Continental cast on using 3.25mm, then knit 20 rows of 2 x2 rib using 2mm and the rest was done using 2.25 mm. Magic Loop method ( one long circular needle ).

I bought the yarn here in the UK from THE KNITTING HUT

The heel and gusset. For now this is my favourite. I keep changing my mind. I like the way this fits. It is easy to knit. My previous sock (Opal 1655 Smoke) was knit over more stitches and a Sherman heel and was also knitted to fit, no negative ease. I prefer the fit of this smaller sock.
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