Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Praise The Lord


Do we really think that the Creator of The Universe and all that is in it needs to be praised?

Does he or she have such low self esteem that s/he needs us to tell him/her how wonderful they are all day long?

Or is it that we have made God in our image?

Human Beings, a despot dictator for example, needs to be praised and obeyed and worshipped. It is the needs of a weak ego that requires thesethings. I doubt very much that the Creator of all needs it!

Perhaps it is our egos that need appeasing? Perhaps we have created a a God that we need to please, fear, placate, obey, worship, praise because these are the things our own ego would like.

Whatever it is, I don't think that the Supreme Being wants us on our knees telling him/her how great they are all day long.

I think maybe that the way to truly 'worhip and praise' is by living good lives and treating others as we would want to be treated - with respect and doing no harm.

To me that is the way to worship and praise.


Suna said...

Hey, you could be a Unitarian Universalist with talk like that (that's where I go be spiritual, even if I am really an agnostic: www.uua.org )


FugueStateKnits said...

Colin - I see your point and have often thought the same. However, it's been my experience (and in this area of life, everyone's mileage varies) that it's just when I feel the most gratitude for the good things God (and I picture Her as a Big Black Lesbian, BTW) has done in my life or the lives of others, that I feel the need to praise and worship and do all that mumbo jumbo that just seems to satisfy a need in myself. I don't think it's a need in God so much, although GodasBBL sure likes to boogie along side of us:)

Rachael said...

hey- I am with you on this!!

Monika said...

That's my way as well! What good can you do down on your knees?