Friday, May 04, 2007


In response to an query on a knitting list, I replied that Alpaca does not shrink in the wash nor in tumble dryer. That is my experience of a 25 year plus knitwear designing / knitting career. Of different brands of Alpaca.

As a result of this, I am told I don't know yarn(your alpaca can't be pure) or that I am lying, though not so bluntly. Why would I lie? I have been patronized and insulted by the back door.

I wonder if this is because some people can't get their head around a man knowing what he is doing in this field? Over the years, I have noticed that female knitters / designers are fawned over. Males get knocked. (Kaffe and Brandon excepted.) How really rather pathetic. I have no wish to be fawned over but I have no wish to be patronized, told I don't know my craft or have it implied that I am a liar.

edit: in answer to questions...the only alpaca I have had that shrinks easily is a wool alpaca mix. None of the pure 100% alpaca has shrunk upon machine washing and tumble drying.

edit number 2: okay so now i am told that this guy's alpaca shrunk when he washed in the machine. He wondered why. it wasn't 100% alpaca, his was 80/20 with wool. Duh! Others are still banging on and on about this. Insisting that they are right and alpaca felts. I didn't at any point say Alpaca did not felt. I said if you machine wash it on a wool cycle and tumble dry it on hot it will not shrink. I was sent a link that showed you how to felt alpaca as proof that it felted. I'd f***ing felt too if you did that to me!
It seems to me these people are being deliberately obtuse. Or they really are thick which I sincerely doubt. They don't seem to realise that 1. this only refers to 100% alpaca fibre and 2. only to normal sweater washing in the machine, not deliberate felting techniques.
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