Saturday, May 05, 2007

huh 2

I ought to have ignored the posts telling me how wrong I was re the alpaca. Of course the posters themselves did nothing wrong, they can't see anything wrong at all in what they wrote or their choice of words

I think it somewhat unrealistic to tell someone that their experience is wrong / mistaken and at the same time expect that they will just roll over and say 'of course, madam, I was wrong'. It really doesn't occur to them at all that their words did of course imply that either was deluded or lying. But they choose not see that.

I made the mistake, one I have avoided for ages, of getting into a discussion about it. I will remember not to in future cos it makes me look stupid and feel bad.

IF I choose to offer up any information in future to a request for it, I shall have to remember to ignore those that will knock it down, or remember to do it privately.

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