Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Than You Wanted To Know

Since I got over my enteritis bug, I have had the opposite problem! So last night I stuck one of those lubricating bullets you know where. You know the type prescribed for piles? Well, it sort of helped.

So am drinking plenty of water and this morning for breakfast I ate lamb rogan josh and spinach. I don't eat cereals, didn't think eggs were a good idea so what the hell.

I have almost finished the second of my Hummel(Bee) socks. The response I got from Opal, via the USA distributor(yes they think everyone lives in the USA) was laughable. It was to remind me of their disclaimer about the yarns being variable.

Yes, we know that. However, this sock did not vary slightly from the published colourway. It was TOTALLY different.

If I could be bothered, I'd pop it along to Trading Standards here in the UK because we are pretty hot on such things and this falls foul of the trades description act, disclaimer or not.

You know, until I got this lame, patronizing, we don't care response, I wasn't really bothered about the damn pattern. Now I am!

To be fair, I was offered a replacement ball(had I lived in the USA).

Anyway, I am eager to start my next sock. I have got very good and finishing one whole pair before starting another. I think I am going to do this one in garter rib. Ordinary 2 x 2 rib will not really work. On the normal amount of sts for me, 76, the ribbing would just stretch too much and look like nothing. I tried last week using 96sts but that was too many. Oh they looked fine when not worn but that is hardly the point.......excuse me I need to go to the little room.....okay I am occurred to me that maybe this is what labour feels like and that finally 26 years of trying has paid off....

On Friday, I leave for Scotland. The Royal Edinburgh Showground in Ingliston to be precise. I have never been to Scotland before. I really ummed and ahhed over entering this show cos I am not all sure I think much of the judge for my breed but then I thought, what the hell, it'll be fun to be with my friends and I have never been to Scotland. At 350 miles it is the furthest show for me. I will be staying Friday night with my friend Linda in Hartlepool which is much closer to the show.

Now, I have driven to Oslo from my house. A driving trip of 1300 miles. I have also driven to Barcelona and to Stockholm. These trips were easy compared to driving this 350 miles to Scotland. UK roads are always busy. The only place I know of that is the same , or maybe even worse, is Belgium. Every time I have been thru that country, and you have to go thru it to visit most places, I have got stuck in traffic.
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