Thursday, May 10, 2007


This is my own design, done using the Brother Garter Carriage. The yarn is 50% Merino, 25% Cashmere and 25% Silk, 2/15's used twofold. 375 m per 100gm the way I used it, 750m per 100gm as bought. I used tension 9*. The sweater was soaked in washing soda solution, hot water, the liquid spun out then soaked again in washing soda. Then rinsed in machine. Then it was machine washed and tumble dried on hot. Yes, it shrinks but not a lot. It is now machine washable with no further shrinking. Of course the shrinking was taken into account BEFORE knitting. The swatch received the same treatment before gauge was taken. This yarn, like most, would not shrink if just washed on a 30c delicate cycle. However, by treating it this way the handle is vastly improved, making a nice sweater feel wonderful. It really brings out the softness of the yarn. Oh and the reason for the wahsing soda-this yarn is spun in oil.

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