Thursday, May 31, 2007


I don't walk my dogs every day. It depends on 1. my pain levels and 2. the weather, rain stops me. When I do walk them it is not at the same time. It is when I can and mostly daily.

I go upstairs and at all sorts of different times. I go and change to go out. The dogs take no notice.

This morning, about 10.30 am I was sitting finishing the Fortissima and I thought to myself;

'I think I will take the dogs out.'

No sooner had I thought it than Nechung woke up, jumped down from her armchair and danced around my feet, making her excited. At the same time joined by Micah, Luna and Shameless.

How do they know? I do not do anything routinely so it isn't that. I only have to think it and they know.

This morning's occurrence isn't a one off. They always do this. They seem to read my mind.

Whatever is going on, it is weird and very clever of them.

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