Monday, May 21, 2007

Scottish Adventure

I am back from the Scottish show. I didn't get back until yesterday, Sunday, midday. I was expecting to be back on the Saturday evening. It was quite an adventure. The trip to Linda's was uneventful except that I did it without a stop and therefore had great difficulty getting out of my car after 3.5 hours! Much to my surprise, I slept fine at her house, even if for only 3 hours after which the alarm woke me. We should have gone to bed earlier. The only other house I have slept well in belongs to my friends' Karen and Kim(male) in Denmark.

We left Linda's at 4am for the drive to Scotland. Now Hartlepool, where Linda lives, was the furthest north, in my country, that I have been. So now I was going still further for the first time. The scenery was beautiful and I even got to see The Angel Of The North up close. I think it is stunning. It was bright and sunny but windy on the drive. Three hours later we arrived at the Showground, right next to the runways of Edinburgh Airport!
Now one of our fellow exhibitors is 81 years old and she flew on her own with her dog from down south. Below is her girl. I truly admire this lady. She has fortitude and determination and tremendous courage. It was very cold and windy and she got sick. An ambulance was called but she refused to go to hospital. Now she was sort of camped with us and we took care of her and her dog until the ambulance came and the we had to stay with her. I say we but in fact it was Linda who did what needed to be done. Linda works with the elderly as her day job. So instead of us leaving by 2pm we didn't get way till 3.5 hours later thus not getting back to Linda's till almost 9pm and there was no way way I was driving 4 hours home then! Besides which, the cold had buggered my legs and I was in a lot of pain and hardly able to walk.This is Linda(right) and her friend Debbie.

The show itself was interesting. If you have read my blurb about going, I was not going for this particular judge as I had seen him judge before and shown under him once and said I never would again. Yet, i wanted to go to Scotland and be with my friends so Micah went and got 5th out of 6 for my trouble ! ;-) Micah was so well behaved. He loves it all. For some reason he gets very horny when he goes to a show. This makes him strut when being shown. He loves it. He slept on the bed with me, the first time for him. Like most of my Apso, he slept near my feet. His choice. Most of this breed do. I used to have an American Cocker and Dax and they prefer to sleep near you head, or on it !

I am glad I went. I have two more shows up that way this year, in August and next month.

I have another show at Bath this coming Monday.


Annick said...

Thank you for these nice photos Colin. it reminds me of what we did with our first Boxer dog about 25 years ago and it's a real good souvenir. All these dogs are so cute.

Sheila said...

I always like your dog show pictures. They are interesting and dogs are always beautiful.