Thursday, May 17, 2007


I have a new pair of socks on the go, this time using Opal Smoke 1655. Yes the colour and pattern are as to be expected! I am using a 2 x2 garter rib for these. I really like the colour very much. Perhaps I'll post a picture by Sunday.

I also have a brown version af the last sweater completed and I am now knitting a beige sweater, same yarn, different textured pattern.

I am off to Scotland tomorow afternoon for the show on Saturday.

To be frank, I feel more like staying in bed. I feel quite washed out since the enteritis and my guts are still not back to normal. I have decided that the runs is much better than being stopped up.

I ate rhubarb and plenty of vegetbles today along with some senekot last night. Hopefully that will get me unstopped. Oh and drinking loads of water.

Thank fully, the arthritis pain has abated somewhat.

It has been a joy though to watch the puppies playing in the garden. They are at that still walking like drunks stage and they are doing plenty of fighting and being fierce with each other. You wouldn't believe the viciousness and noise coming from such sweet looking and small beings!

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