Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hit By A Lorry (Truck)

Yesterday at Bath, or more precisely in a large field come swamp near Bath, it was rather difficult. Very soggy. At home time, it was extremely difficult to manoeuvre my trolley back to the car.

We got moved out of the tents by request of one of the exhibitors as it had stopped raining and the rings outside looked good. Who was I to object? Even though I was 99% positive that the heavens would open again. And open they did during the class of the woman who made the request....

Micah was placed 4th in his Post Grad class. (Now in the UK we have the TOUGHEST dog show scene anywhere. Whilst in the USA or Europe one my get an entry of 20, we had an entry of 144 yesterday and that is not high.)

Shameless showed her heart out but to no avail and she was thrown out with the rubbish. I knew this was going to happen. No, not because I am psychic but because of this:

Judge: How old is she? 8 months?

Me: Honest and not thinking: no just 6 mths.

Judge pulls face.

As I was walking Shameless for the judge, it dawned on me that he obviously thought her too big, which she aint at 9.75ins. I could have just carried on walking right outside the ring but being a person of integrity(read:cowardly) I did not.

Anyway, of course the judge should never have made such a comment and ranks almost as daft as the stupid stupid stupid judge who bent down and put her face right up to my Micah's nose and kissed it!!!! How completely unprofessional and stupid. Did I say it was stupid? Thankfully Micah is sweet and licked her face but.....

Anyway, it was a fun day, seeing lots of beautiful dogs, and meeting friends and listening quietly to conversations that the people involved in obviously think cannot be heard. Most amusing and often illuminating.

I suppose some might think it odd to spend many hours bathing and grooming, driving long distances in all weather, to stand around for hours in all weather to get 5 mins in the ring in the hopes of getting a card from some person who quite often wouldn't know your breed from any other breed.

So today I feel like I have been run over by a lorry. Rolling out of bed took much longer than usual and I have discovered other parts of my body that hitherto had mercifully kept their presence quiet.

Have to take the litter to be microchipped today.

I am also going to investigate the local swimming pool. I have always adored the water and swimming and it has occurred to me lately that swimming might well do me good. Low impact and feels good. I am concerned about getting in and out of the pool. Actually only out, Getting in will be as easy as falling off a log. Also getting from changing room to pool edge. Floors on such places tend to be slippery.

So I want to go and ask if they have routines or support for cripples. I hope so as I am quite looking forward to swimming again. It only takes a while to get used to the lustful stares and groping once I am in my togs. I can live with it. It has been the bain of my life, as anyone with outstanding looks will confirm.

EDIT: Went to the pool. They have a changing room right next to the pool for the disabled so I only have to walk a couple of feet. They have special stairs for getting out (or in I suppose) and I can use my stick to get there. Also, they have suitable practical times for adults only lane swimming. Might give it a go tomorrow.
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