Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Whatever it was that caused me such stomach pain two nights running last week seems to have had an effect. I am back to my normal pooing habits. Hooray! It is just so convenient to need to go when I awake in the morning, as I have always done, instead of either not going for days or needing to go at awkward times, like at a dog show or out somewhere else as it is such a palaver for me to manage it on my own when fully dressed. Just thought you’d like to know that.

The snow and most of the ice has gone. Today I had the thrill of being able to pick up several weeks worth of dog poo.

My final poo; I had a go at dyeing cashmere and an 80/20 cashmere nylon mix. The first was a silver grey scarf that now looks like poo and the latter was 2/26 yarn that just broke up as I tried to wind afterward.Back to the drawing board on this I think.

I am very pleased that I have sold 4 of the 5 hanks I put up. I have dyed several more and will be putting more up. One has gone to the USA, one to Switzerland and two to Germany.

More dyeing related stuff arrived this morning. I had risen at 6am in order to go swimming. I remembered just in time that the dye stuff delivery was at 9am last time so I assumed it would be the same this time. If I went to the pool, I’d not be here until 10am. I didn’t go swimming and sure enough the parcel arrived at just gone 9am like last time.

Despite not knowing where we stand still as regards the IRS, I ma not feeling too bad at all. I’ll be glad when it is all done and dusted. It will make it easier to plan. Right now we cannot think beyond now. I don’t anyway, I live within the day, but plans need to made for going away and other stuff. None of which we are sure we can do or not.

An Ebay update: justhatsuk, those who refused to confirm if they had the correct sized hat and told me they didn’t want to do business with me? Well, out of spite, they lodged an unpaid item dispute against me! However, the unpaid item strike against me has been removed as Ebay understood my position. Really, some people! All because they refused to confirm that they had a 59cm hat.  thebutchersdragon have now refunded the cost of the hat they sent me which was the wrong size. They have not, however, refunded my postage costs. Another fool.

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