Saturday, January 09, 2010


Last night, after dinner, I got quite severed cramping. I took some Windcheaters and it soon passed.

This evening, a couple of hours after eating and long before I was due to eat again, in fact I was balling wool from hanks, I started to get gut ache which got worse and worse and far worse than last night’s bout. Last night’s was like waves of cramps going from my rib cage to my groin. Tonight it was like a hardening of my stomach just under my ribs, centred just below my sternum. It got very painful and I started to panic. I took my GTN spray and nothing happened so I went for a walk in the freezing cold and snow. I do this when I feel like because I reckon it will inform me of a heart attack. if that is what it is, it’ll bring it on. If not, it will dissipate whilst walking. Whatever, I have to move when I feel panicked. It took a good 20 minutes walking before the pain started to subside and as it did I relaxed. I got home with the stomach pain all gone but with a buggered left leg and very painful hips. At least that felt normal.

An hour later I ate and a while after that I could feel my guts going again. I took a muscle relaxant. The gut quietened again.

So it seems my IBS is playing up and whilst I thought I had the Tax situation well in hand and not scared of it, I think that is likely not so. The bankruptcy hearing was today. As far as we are aware, when the case was called the IRS lawyer would stand and say they were withdrawing the petition. I am assured they HAVE TO and it will happen, no mistakes will be made. I still want that in writing.

I also knew that the situation was not as John seemed to think so I questioned our Tax lawyer woman and I was right. This is not over. The present petition is over because they cannot bankrupt for that amount but they can do it all over again for a lesser amount. She doesn’t think it will come to that and still thinks we will either pay nothing or that the money they owe John will cover anything he is said to owe them (penalties and interest.) In other words we could either be charged a lot, a little or nothing.

It is not knowing that is the problem.

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