Sunday, January 10, 2010


I have had a good day. John and I went to a dog show together, not common. Whitney went best of Breed and I had a good day chatting with people who stopped to remark on my clothing and or knitting. Oh and my DM's of course!

John is so good. I know he was bored stupid. I was lucky he was there as it turned out that the building was really warm and I need to remove under layers of clothing and I could not have done so without his help. For a change they had a disabled loo that was big enough. As long as no one saw us go in and then heard the grunting and groaning! (which was me trying to get stuff off! I can't help it, I try to be quiet but it just takes so much effort to get clothing off and moving my body like that is difficult in silence!)

I can only think of two persons out of my doggy friends that i would have felt alright asking for their help had they been their and John not. Both are women.

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