Wednesday, January 06, 2010



I received an email this morning which I found quite upsetting. I found it so for two reasons. The person had clearly had a very painful life. The other reason was that she was certain I would disapprove of her because she held different ideas to me. yet she is a follower of my blog.

Have I really been that remiss in my writings that people just don’t understand my stance? Do people really think I condemn and disapprove of people who think differently to me? I have never made a personal attack upon anyone. I have written clearly that it is IDEAS I attack and disapprove of, not people. Blimey, if it were not ideas but those that hold them, I’d not like almost the whole world!

I have dear friends who think differently from me. I love them and yet I still disagree with their ideas. They love me too even though I think differently from them.

So don’t assume I will disapprove of you because you have different ideas. For want of a different phrase to express my idea on this: ‘there but for the grace  of God go I.’

John bought this, the picture in the middle, for me whilst we were in Belgium. I don’t think he had this in mind when he bought it. We also bought this one.

This is a bronze sculpture I bought at Cruft’s in 06Bronze Apso.


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