Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yesterday I tried my hand at pastels. My first attempt did not produce pastels. I learned from that that when I using full strength colours, I am using far too much dye! Explains the run off. My second attempt, using the same dyes produced me what I wanted. I can go paler too and know how to now. I like both hanks very much. Experimenting is fun.

I keep getting invitations to join Facebook so I finally did. I am not sure how comfortable I am with it. I found it very disturbing that they had a list of people I might know that included my two brothers. I panicked and tried to figure out how to get out of Facebook altogether. Then I didn’t and just thought oh well. I still am not sure about it at all and ,may well be deleting myself from it.

We may be going to see Sherlock Holmes shortly. Part was filmed in John’s building (many films are) and he knows Guy Ritchie having met and talked with him a few times.

Luque is being a real pain about Edna. She is no longer in season. She attacks him but it doesn't stop him being a right twat either by howling or trying to jump her. He hasn’t done this before so I don’t really know why he is behaving this way now.

I find I talk to the dogs a lot. Conversationally that is. I know they don’t understand a word but actually…yesterday I had forgotten to close the stair gate and Carly, Whitney, Bridget came upstairs and were rummaging my wool room. I was talking to myself/them. I said in a normal speaking voice’ what are you lot doing twatting about up here? You know my wool rooms are out of bounds.’ and they all looked at me and went back downstairs. If I had said ‘down’ I’d know that was why they went back down. I didn’t.

I was disappointed yesterday to not be able to go to Pannini’s for lunch. It p’d down all day.

I will blog more photograph’s of my yarns later. Oh and i started a group on Ravelry called KNITMAN’S KITCHEN where I will also showcase my yarns.

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