Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have felt really quite content recently. I know what fulfilled means now. I do get an awful lot of pleasure and satisfaction form hand painting the yarns. After all these years, I really do see that I am an artist. It’s just taken an awfully long time to come to the fore. I guess that now that I have dealt with and dumped the past, the me hidden under all the gunk is free. It is like I have been in a puss filled cocoon and have finally burst thru and spread my wings and flown. I feel so different form the me I use dot be that he really seems quite foreign to me now. Not that I disown him at all and I feel sad for the me that was, not shame. Being reborn has been excruciatingly painful, so much so I didn’t think I’d live, but not only did I live, I became new and fresh. Just as well I am a tenacious sod.

I found yesterday was extraordinarily exhausting. Someone keeps nicking my spoons before my day is done! I found swimming hard. By 7pm I was very sore and finding it hard to stay awake. So I went and dyed some more. I was in bed and asleep my eleven and slept through, no getting up for swimming as I knew I wouldn’t be able to. Just as well as when I did get up at 8.30 it was freezing fog outside and I hate driving in fog. Not because of the fog but because of the wankers who drive fast despite not being able to see.

I shall have a quiet knitting and dog washing day. Speaking of dogs, Luque has finally got the message and has stopped pestering Edna and whining.

I have a dog show on Friday, the first major Championship Show of the year. Yes, I did attend a Championship Show two weeks ago but it is a new one and only a few breeds can win CC’s there, Lhasa Apso not being one of them.

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