Thursday, January 21, 2010


I had a rough night, fitful sleep, nightmares, and pain., Got up at 4.30am, did some dyeing, went for my swim at 7.50am I swam the best swim I have had in ages! No pain. I swam fast and strong too. I think as regards my body, I’ll stop trying to suss it out!

I have a dog show tomorrow and will need to be up at 2am so will not be available after 6pm this evening.

Still feeling good inside, still loving to dye, still learning. Like I need to put newspaper down when spooning out the ammonium sulphate. Why? It doesn’t mix well with bleach! Yes, I clean my surfaces down with a cleaner that contains bleach. It works well. However, as there were spilled ammonium sulphate crystals, only a few, I discovered they do not mix at all well. My eyes started to stream, I started to cough. I quickly realised what was happening, opened up the French doors and window, and got some fresh air in and held my breath whilst I mopped up the rest. Won’t do that again.

I also discovered that if one uses too much leveller when rinsing the dyed yarn, it starts to strip out the dye! Weirdly, one uses the leveller for more even coverage and better striking. Too much and the opposite happens. Another lesson learned.

The yarn I though I had buggered up yesterday has turned out beautiful. I had dyed the whole hank beige and was very pleased I’d managed that. The person I was attempting it for wanted the hank black red and beige. I dipped both ends into baths, one with black one with red. MISTAKE! The liquids got sucked up and out of the baths, all over the beige I didn’t want over dyed. I quickly rinsed it and set about painting the colours on. I got something resembling a turd. So I thought, okay I’ll purple bits and see what happens. A turd with purple bits is what I got. I hate to throw yarn away, even if it is turd-ish, so I stuck it in a dye bath of hot pink,where it looked like a floating turd, gradually sinking. Ten minutes later, I had beautifully dyed, multi shaded yarn!

Tenacity has always been my saviour. (No, not stubbornness!)

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