Friday, January 15, 2010


We have had the official letter from the court saying the bankruptcy was officially dismissed. We ought to know by the month's end where we stand all told and then it will be over. Once we know this we can make plans.

We would both like to visit Barcelona. This will be a two week trip probably. We didn’t go last March because some idiot at an agency in Barcelona told us it was not accessible. Well, we met a man and woman last week who had been there and they told us it was VERYY accessible. The man was disabled.Really, don’t ask an able bodied person about such things because they probably haven’t a clue.

So Barcelona is back on our list of places to go. We shall have to go during a pregnancy, not after. This means we are likely to be going February or March.

Nechung seems to be fine again today. We’ll see if she eats tonight.

My swim went better tho it was still not easy. I think it will take a while before I accustom my body to it again. It’s amazing how almost a month off makes such a difference.

I am very pleased with the way my yarn is going. I am glad I listened to John and invested the money into buying what I needed to do this. I have already had more than one person after the same hanks. My only advice is that one needs to check regularly. I do my best to be fair. For instance, one asked for a hank last night but I have had no reply. Another asked for the same hank this morning. If the first doesn’t respond by this evening, I’ll to the second. Both wantees are here so no time delay.

I have learned more about colour mixing too so will be playing with pastels later. Actually colour mixing is a doddle and great fun but I wasn’t sure how to get pastels. It seems that is just as easy. We shall see.

It is cold and wet. Yuk.

I keep getting emails offering to enhance my tool. I don’t think these people understand their customer base at all. I don’t want my tool enhanced. What would I do with it? I am married 29 years almost, 51 and half crippled. Enhanced tools are not what I want. Unless they make knitting better…

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