Saturday, January 23, 2010


I enjoyed yesterday’s show. Dressing up for it, being there, driving to and from with my friend Angie and her Tibetan Spaniels. We always have a  good laugh. She has a filthy mind! As we were packing we met another two men, one of whom had scoliosis of the spine. It certainly puts into perspective the spinal problems of Angie and myself. His attitude was fantastic and he still shows his dogs. He takes about 120mg of morphine on top of his other stuff. The most I need is 20mg on top.

Whitney showed her heart out as always and this time she won the RCC, meaning she was reserve Best Bitch. She now has 7cc’s, 6 RCC’s and 5 Best of Breed. At 26 mths of age.

I couldn’t get out of bed this morning without help and for the 1h 40min it took for the drugs to work, it was really rather yukky. However, it didn't come back with such force so I have had a good day. We went and did the usual domestic shopping. Had lunch at Panini’s where I asked if they had changed their brand of coffee beans because the coffee was especially good. No they hadn’t but they had changed the person who makes it.

Nechung is doing remarkably well. Eating like a pig as usual and behaving like a puppy. Weird. The cancer must be slow I guess or she is just having a final fling.

I have a talk and demonstration of mediumship to do tomorrow evening about 55 miles from here. I will not make the error I made last time and take morphine beforehand. The almost 2 hours standing up does me in but this time I shall take the pill as soon as it is over. Really, that is when I feel the need. Whilst I am working, I lose all awareness of my body. All I feel is what spirit impress upon me.

I am very pleasantly surprised at how well my Knitman’s Kitchen yarns are selling. Satisfying. I have some more to put up, a couple of solids a swell. I am quite taken with how content being creative in this way leaves me feeling.

I am also thinking of starting up a petition. Trouble is I do not know to whom the petition would be handed to. It would be thus: We, the undersigned, demand that our 24 hour day be increased by 50%, thus giving us a 36 hour day. 24 hours is just not enough to meet our needs. Thank you kindly.

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