Sunday, December 06, 2009


I discovered something else yesterday. I was extremely bored and listless. Oh, I watched DVD's, Mansfield Park and the whole first series of Waking The Dead, and I also knitted but I was bored. So what did I discover?

Well, I can deal with the Monday - Friday being on my own. In fact I enjoy it and enjoy my own company. The weekend though, I really look forward to John being here and to go going out. Just pottering around the town or going to a mall. Don't have to buy anything. Just potter and have a coffee and maybe lunch.

Yesterday was just one day too many on my own and indoors.

He is home today, early afternoon. We have to go out to shop. The weather is appalling, gales and heavy rain. It is quite dark for day time. A couple of days before yesterday it was very cold but dry. I prefer that. The dogs prefer that. Somehow I doubt nature gives two hoots as to what I or the dogs prefer.

I am within a few rows of finishing a pair of socks. They seem to have taken the longest time to complete. I am very pleased with the pattern, so much so, I am planning a sweater using it. The yarn for these socks is a 75/25 wool/nylon blend that I dyed myself with food colouring. It is quite different to the Kool Aid yarn I dyed.

I have a third lot of wool/nylon yarn I dyed. Again using food colouring and again, quite different to the previous lots. I dyed each 50g hank separately and they look very different. I used the same colours on each but distributed them differently. Thus I am learning what will produce what. I think I shall knit them up as they are, quite different in look but the same colours.

My Doc suggested a while ago that I might not need the Colofac anymore for my guts. I stopped taking it a week ago. All was well. No pains, no nothing. And that is precisely why I have resumed taking it. No nothing! I realised yesterday morning that I had not had a poo for days and I spent yesterday bloated and uncomfortable. I do so hate being bloated. A most horrid feeling. No clothing feels right, I walk around feeling huge and full. Ick. Oh and the noises are back. Really, sounds like I am carrying around a whole construction site. You'd think a good fart would sort it out, but no, nothing doing. Perhaps I should get one of my DPN's? Stick it thru my belly button? If you see on the news that an unidentified flying object was observed in a strange trajectory thru the skies of East Anglia, you will know I used the DPN.
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