Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I am sure you know this but just in case: there are times when I read an email, even a fairly innocuous one, I have to fight the urge to write back with 'go *** yourself'. There, now you. I am not perfect. I just read one of those pedantic ones and deleted it instead.

I had to go to the Chemist (Pharmacy) to get my drugs. Parking was very difficult cos of wankers who parked badly in the handicapped bays with out the blue badge and the worst one had the bloody fish symbol all over it's rear window which did not make me feel any better. Pity their 'love for the Lord' hasn't made them any less self centred. Anyway, the chemist had my drugs ready and I was out in a minute. How about that then? A rare result.

Then I had to go post a letter to the Tax person which arrived at the house. Not good news but not awful either. The situation is not as clear as I had understood. It is still up in the air and we may not be debt free after all. the house is still safe. I hate this not knowing, treading water till they do it all it up.

I broke my resolution and I have just dyed some more yarn. I have used a different technique, one I made up myself. I will show the result but probably not the technique for now.

Yesterday we had a nice day. We went out for most of it to a mall. You will be thrilled to know that I bought merino/viscose underwear (long john's and long sleeved vest) and also some under ski pants thermals too. When it is really cold, I wear 100denier tights, the ski things and the long john's over that then I put my trouser on and yes, I still get cold. On the top I wear a long sleeved silk vest, a long sleeved thermal vest, a roll neck, a sweater, a scarf, a coat and a hat. The top half and my feet generally stay okay, just my legs don't.

I also bought two Trilbies. John bought some tops and almost bought a sweater!!!!! I was not happy with that. The bloody thing had pink and purple and grey and wine and black stripes. it was nice but , blimey, when he did he decide to wear colour? When I have made him a dark grey cashmere sweater with a wine stripe, he thought it loud! Anyway, they didn't have on his size and I told him I would knit him one! How dare he think of buying knitwear? A shooting offence that is.

I have knitted him a wine coloured cashmere scarf in 2 x2 rib using the Garter Carriage and 3 x 2/28 yarn. 750 rows. It is washed, dried and nice and lofty now that it has been given the tumble treatment 3 times.

Swimming was really painful today but not exhausting. Remember how complained abotu how I could do my normal swim and was so tired? well I was exhausting myself. 'Thou shalt not be lazy' so no matter what I was getting up at 5 and going swimming. No wonder I felt like do do all the time. really. Now I can do my swim because I am getting enough rest. I used to think there was no point being bed if I was dozing and dreaming. I have discovered there is! It is still restful. So now, I don't harangue myself abotu the time I got to bed nor the time I get up. I cannot actually be in bed more than 7 hours without beginning to get severe pain but I find 7 is enough. I nap too if I want to. I am doing so much better now. My weight is beginning to drop again after rising because of that hassle I put myself thru. Old tapes are never wiped, they just stay dormant! I am not lazy, never was, and I don't have to push myself to the limits to prove it.

We have both been called for our Swine Flu jabs which we will have on Saturday morning. Oink Oink.
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