Friday, December 11, 2009


Edit: the early morning fog has not lifted and temps have stayed in high 30's f.
I am getting smarter every day. Before my swim yesterday, I added 5mg morphine to my mix. My swim was painless! Yes, I could feel exertion, but that is not the same thing. The rest of the day I felt tired and I knew by the time bed time came around that I would not go swimming today, despite that meaning I only went three times this week. I recognize the difference between the tired that means I need to sleep and the tired that sleep won't cure. Yesterday, it was the tired that sleep won't cure. Today has proven that right. I awoke sore and very stiff.

My knitting books from Amazon (USA) have arrived. At 7.30am to be precise! I have not opened the box yet.

I did some more dyeing. I really like the results of the Kool Aid. I did dye another set with food colour, just to get rid of the food colouring as I don't like it for dyeing. It does a good job but the dyes seems to run and run and run whereas the Kool Aid doesn't run at all, not even a slight water discolouration. I have ordered some sachets of Kool Aid from a UK supplier but would like to know of a bulk source, if anyone knows of one in the UK.

My disability payments suddenly stopped. I telephoned to find out why and I was told that I was dead. I was told they were informed back in June that I died on November 9th 2009. I informed the young man I was speaking to, that he had not suddenly developed excellent mediumistic skills, that I was very much alive. He told me the computer said I wasn't and that they had written to me in June, the 6th to be precise, that my payments would stop on November 9th due to my death on that date. )Surely a computer with such precognitive skills would be famous?) He just could not seem to get his head around the fact that the computer was wrong. I hung up and called again, hopefully to get someone with a few more brain cells. I did and she was lovely, quite a chipper person, and she sorted it out for me. This happened Tuesday, and today Friday, the money is in my account. Lesson: if a computer tells you that you have expired, argue the point, unless you are, in which case there seems little point.

Back to dyeing. I discovered that my two 900w microwaves do not behave in the same manner. I was nuking Kool Aid dyed yarn and this time decided to use the other oven too as I was doing two lots. The same yarn, same method. The second oven burned the yarn to a crisp. Lesson number two.

Computer banking is becoming more and more difficult. I do our banking every morning, 7 days a week. I like to know precisely where we are and I pick up very quickly on false usage of cards. That has happened three times all told. I have a good memory for numbers and passwords etc. I know the 16 digit numbers of cards off by heart. Yet I'll forget the dog's names, what day it is, John's name, all sorts of things. (Oh and I just found out that short term memory loss is a PTSD thing). Anyway, this morning, I discovered that on my bank account, I can no longer do transfers and payments without my mobile phone. I say I want to do one of these things, and they then SMS a pass code to my mobile, which I then retrieve and tap in the pc. Bugger! Honestly, this really is becoming a faff. I will now have to remember my mobile phone and you can bet your life I'll be phoning myself regularly to find the damn thing. And guess what? When I do find it, I'll notice I have a missed call and I'll wonder who it was........

Tomorrow morning, John and I go to get our Swine Flu jabs.

I had wanted to go to the pictures on Sunday morning, but the cinema in their wisdom are only showing 'family' films for the next few weeks. Clearly no adults want to use the cinema at this time of year, unless they bred, and the offspring are still in the nest.

Oh, and just in case you have forgotten, I HATE f'ing Xmas! The time for good will and all that piffle. Time for pretence and fights and hell on earth more like. At least that was how it used to be for me and mine. My only good Xmas was when we spent it with Lia and Lui and Jane and Gordon and Nana in 2007 in Germany, near Heidelberg. Now that was a truly good Xmas. It was also a white one. Not because it snowed but because it was -7c and everything was covered in white frost. Gorgeous.(even if it caused me problems. It was worth it.)
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