Monday, December 21, 2009


Recently on Ebay I have bought several items only to later be told they had not got my size or not go the item. Or like one idiot, sent me the wrong size and now expects me to pay the cost of return.
I had trouble with JUSTHATSUK. I did a 'buy it now' and asked for an invoice and confirmation that they had my size as several sizes were listed and I already knew form experience that, like other sellers, they may not.

All I got back, 3 days later, was an impersonal invoice, no size confirmation. So I wrote again, saying I was annoyed that I had had to wait 3 days and still was not given the information I needed.

I got the following back:

Im sorry you feel annoyed about the procedure we have taken in selling this hat to you.
Unfortunately we feel that we have taken all the correct steps by responding to your requests.
It clearly states the sizes that are available in the ebay format....Claire has sent you a invoice that you requested but you are stating that its not good enough.
With all this in mind we have decided the purchase of this item will not will not go ahead

Needless to say, I was miffed at their rudeness. I then went to resolution and was told by the Ebay person that they seller would be censured and that was that.

Today, I got an unpaid item claim!!!!!!! I spent ages on the phone with an Ebay employee (in the Philippines) trying to get this resolved, for the third time. This time I think it is resolved. The non payment strike will happen but will then be removed.It is clear from my buying and selling on Ebay that I am honourable and the employee stated this and has put a note on my account with his name on it so that when the unpaid strike is lodged against me, I will call and it will be removed. I hope anyway. This is the the third time an Ebay employee has assured me over this and so far the assurances have amounted to nothing.

Now the good stuff: I received a package this morning. In it was some dye and three hanks of yarn to dye. I was so surprised and delighted and touched that someone would do this for me. It is one of my readers who sent it. I knew they wanted to send me something but I thought it would written instructions for dyeing or something, I had no idea it would be this. I am touched by it. I have not named them in case they prefer I don't.

I have dyed a further half a dozen hanks, including the gifts I received. I am pretty sure I am going to be offering home dyed yarn through my Etsy and Folksy stores and Ebay. Each hank will be unique as I only dye one at a time. I will do superwash merino/nylon, merino/bamboo, Blue Faced Leicester/nylon and merino/cashmere/ nylon. As and when I can / feel like it.

It is still very cold and it is presently snowing again. I did go for my swim this morning and much to my surprise I found it very difficult and didn't manage my usual time.

Nechung seems to be okay. She is still eating well and even danced about today and seems to love the snow too. Other times she is very slow. I am sure she is not in pain though.

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