Friday, December 04, 2009


This is exactly how a lot of people feel towards homosexuals so by your own definition they are not bigots. (excerpt from a person lacking integrity who left a comment on previous post. Anonymous posting such as this is rather like the old fashioned 'poison pen' letter and just as spineless.)

What homosexuals do, as you put it, is none of your business. It is neither harmful to the individual nor to the population at large. Homosexuals ARE. We are not made, we don't get to decide and we certainly don't have to plead our case to be treated with the same respect afforded others. We do, unfortunately, have to defend ourselves far too often from the cruelty espoused by the so called 'religious' who don't even have the courage to blame themselves for their own bigotry but rather put the blame solely on the God they made up! They blame their hatred, because that is what it is, upon words written which only THEY have decided upon the interpretation of. They are responsible for the deaths of millions of us. Whilst the government here may no longer sanction our being put to death, other governments do, even today. And those who espouse a belief in an ideology that condemns homosexuality have blood on their hands but they are too stupid or dishonest or afraid to admit it. Such people, are responsible for each death that results from such a belief, whether or not they pulled the trigger.They provide the ammunition. The ideology they base the excuse for their own bigotry upon, also calls for us to be out to death. They can't believe one without the other though they rarely mention the other lest it shows them in a bad light!

As for what we DO don't think about it!(and I am sure what you think is very different from reality anyway!) If I think of what men and women 'do' it makes me feel queasy, so I don't think about it and I certainly don't think they ought not be allowed and hounded for life because of my inadequacy.

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