Tuesday, December 15, 2009


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As I have oft said, the rise of Fundamentalism is an evil the world needs to be rid of. Thankfully Bush has gone but his ilk still hold too much power and the LAND OF LIBERTY FOR ALL needs to defend itself from the enemy within and come to see why the rest of us fear the USA more than any Muslim fundamentalist. They are out in the open but the evil in the USA hides itself behind the banner of righteousness. YOU could be the next on their hit list. EDIT: before anyone else misunderstands, I am well aware that not all Americnas are intolerant fundies. However, it is up to those who are not to fight this evil. Those of us outside of the USA cannot do it on our own. You need to wrest control of your country back from this wicked ideology. Don't be fooled-it isn't just the gays they hate, they hate anyone who doesn't think as they do and you will be next on their hit list. The evil of the dark ages will be back upon us if they are not fought againsts and not seen as more than something to poke fun at. It is far too serious for that. You may think you are safe becaus eyou agree with them. What if they don't think you do? Then what? Not such a cosy thought is it?

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