Friday, December 18, 2009


I went to talk and demonstrate tonight. I was sensible and I took a full complement of drugs first since I don't sit for the two hours and although I am not aware of my body while I work, as soon as it is over, I am very aware and it always is very painful. It was a mistake to do that. I found it hard to focus and I talked far too long leaving little time for the dem. I have never taken a full whack dose before and then gone to talk. I ahve only done it if: I am in great pain or to avoid it liek at the cinema(it helps me keep still and enjoyt the film). It didn't occur to me that it would effect my ability to communicate well. People still said they enjoyed it and could listen to me for hours but I was not happy. I felt I had let them down. I only did two communications. They were good and evidential but I felt generally this was not by best work.

After this, it took and hour and 20 to get home, driving very slowly thru a blinding blizzard. Strangely, there was lots of lightening too, no thunder. The trip is normally 30 minutes at most.

Yes, it's late and I am still up. I am hurting a lot. I got involved in a tv program and knitting.

I dyed three more hanks today. All with Kool Aid. Two I am very happy with. I was not so sure of but Edna made up my mind for me. She nicked it off the drying rad and by the time I realised she had made a real tangled mess of it. I binned it. Unlike Carly, Edna was suitably ashamed and ran off to hide in her bed. She must have heard me threaten Carly the other day, cos all I did was look at Edna before she hung her head and then ran.

Hidden Tiger has been binned. I wore them a full 24 hrs and then I hand washed them and the dye (food colour) just ran and ran and ran. Eventually the lovely deep green and bright orange were muddy shit coloured from the running black. I shall not use FC again.

I am very impressed with Kool Aid. It gives unusual results in that it does not colour completely and tends to go from deep to pale in the same section. The colour is also taken up by the yarn immediately as the water run off is clear. One only has to nuke it briefly for the water to be totally clear. It doesn't run one bit.

I am expecting some Baby Alpaca and some 'proper dye' tomorrow sometime.

I have knitted 4 cashmere scarves this last week. I'll blog them tomorrow I guess. Too late to fart about with the camera and faffing about with the image now.

Did I mention that I have discovered sugar free jelly (the wobbly cold stuff)? I love it and have some everyday now. I'll do that until I get fed up with it. I tend to go in phases with food. I might like smoked fish for a month or so and then gag at the thought of it. Then I'll have something else as a favourite for a month or so.

They reckon we will have 8" tonight. It's been a while since I've seen that much......
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