Sunday, December 13, 2009


Here is the result of my messing about. FREEDOM is acid dye, ABSTRACTION is acid dye as are Purple and SUSTENANCE . BILLIE HOLIDAY is food colouring and TRIFLE is Kool Aid.

Purple was meant to be lilac. I wrongly assumed that using less dye would result in that as the blurb suggested 4g for deep colours so I thought less would result in paler colour. Not so. I am amazed how little acid dye it takes to dye a hank. Purple took only 2g. Abstraction is a mix of blue, purple, turquoise, red, yellow and black. The strength of turquoise was clearly too strong as it doesn't look like turquoise at all. There is purple in the hank, for some reason it won't pick up with the camera. I even went out into sunlight and it still looked blue in the taken picture. ABSTRACTION is 80% merino 20% Bamboo, PURPLE is 70% wool, 15% Bamboo and 15% silk. All the others are 75% wool 25% nylon.
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