Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Carly got hold of this. I told her that I don't care if she is a dog, stealing my yarn is a capital offence. She just wagged her tail and tried to lick me. No one takes me seriously!
The yarn is wool/bamboo/silk, 70/15/15. I used regular dye for it.

These socks are dyed using Food Colouring. I wasn't happy with the first attempt so did the second half of the hank differently. Now I prefer the one I did first! I have shown the gussets on these. I knitted the gusset in purl sts so that the shape of them is clearly visible. You can see I start the gusset abotu half way along my foot because that is where it begins to rise. I used 2mm needles, over 84 sts using my Andersson Construction Method.
The yarn is 75/25 wool/nylon.
Expression is the same yarn but using regular dye.

Heat is 80% Merino, 10% cashmere 10% nylon. Regular dye. Not the colour I was aiming for. I learned that as I was dyeing the whole hank one colour, I needed more dye and I had run out of one of the combo's so my coral had to go to this cos I had no yellow left.

Jewel is wool/bamboo/silk again using regular dye.
75% wool 25% nylon, using regular dye.

Sea Wool/bamboo/silk again using regular dyes. The base colour was meant to be Turquoise but the manufactures idea of Turquoise and mine are different! I added yellow to get this. The dye is deeper in parts than others and an effect I wanted but not so sure I can guarantee to repeat!
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