Friday, December 18, 2009


Well I hope you all are feeling happy with your selves, after being so intolerant of my viewpoints. Do any of you out there really know me? No. You assume I am a man (maybe I am...) you assume that I hate gays (no I don't) and you assume that I don't know the diff between a civil marriage and a religious one. And at every turn each of you hurled a stone at me....very loving indeed. I shall go on with my happy, faithful ways, which includes many gay friends (and not a few that converted back to heterosexuality), and listen to my gay friends stories of being abused or neglected as children...and I will love each one of them, even if they don't agree with my Orthodox faith, they know that I am a good person, and God knows it too. Too bad Colin decides that I am not good enough for him, but only "bad" enough to be hurled a stone, and to invited others to do the same. You have all done as you wished....(left as a message to 'balderdash'. Anonymous of course, no backbone.)

Oh, how to hang yourself with your own words! As with so many abusive people, you whine and try to make out you are the victim! You have no insight at all. It's frightening. You go thru life wounding as you go and not only are you so arrogant as to think you don't, you clearly don't give a toss either! Your 'gay friends' hopefully are a figment of your imagination because you certainly are not their friend. And God forbid anyone shares with you their deepest pain, like being abused as a child, because you are toxic and the last person to be confided in. How dare you use the agony of abuse to make yourself appear good? It failed. You just show how disturbed and detached from reality you are. The abuse of children is not something for to use to your ends. Especially when it appears from your own words that you are an abusive person yourself and you do untold harm with your ignorant, bigoted, pathetic views. Lets make this clear: you are NOT a nice person. You could be, but you think you are so damn right that you will never see the logs in your eyes.
As for your 'converted back to heterosexuality'. Just what are you on? If nothing, perhaps you ought to be. Really! And to you and those plonkers like you, I wonder when you decided to stop being attracted to your own sex! How old were you? 16? 20? 40? When exactly did you decide to be heterosexual? About the same time you decided to be a source of pain and shame I would think.

No one threw stones at you, we didn't need to. You do that all by your little self. Your shell is weak because it's built upon lies and deciet and as a result you feel constantly under attack. You provide the ammunition yourself!

The only unforgivable sin is a closed mind. A closed mind cannot see and therefore cannot repent. Put another way, if you think you are so damn right, you will never change and become a decent person. C'est la Vie.
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