Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Yes, I gave in and did some more dyeing before I have finished the other pair of socks using home dyed yarn. I wasn't in a good frame of mind and by the time I had finished I was.

I used food colouring on the Confidence, just in yellow. As you can see, it isn't yellow. For Sincerity, I originally started off using blue Kool Aid but it was not even. So I re-dyed it using blue food colouring. This was much better but when I washed it, the excess dye that came out (despite the original dye water being clean after nuking), stained the undyed portion, which is not what i wanted so I dyed again (but didn't go to Heaven.)

I am pleased with both and they are knititng up nicely. Still stripey.

Confience is really nice as it knits up as the orange does fade to yellow and back again. It all blends in rather nicely.

Sincerity is also stripey but with flashes of the blue.

So far, I have used a different technique for each of the 5 hanks I have dyed. (actually six as one of them was in fact 2 x 50gm hanks.)

I have some acid dyes and I shall use them next time. I won't be using food colouring again me thinks.
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