Tuesday, September 29, 2009


How can I be more annoyed at something trivial than at something major?

I was fed up having to go to an online conversion thing every time I wanted to convert from yards to metres. So I made a point of remembering that 0.9144m is 1 yard.

(oh and some idiot now thinks that the reason the EU is insisting we all use metric is that different EU countries have inches of different lengths!)

I thought this would be helpful so I shared it one the various sock knitters lists. The response? Every which way of doing the same damn thing, more complicated and less accurate. It seems some people just cannot bear to see me be helpful and have to find a way to tear it down. Whatever I say, contradict it, knock it down, but never say thanks or agree. OOh no. People might think f*ck knows what'

So I wrote 'you could if you don't have a calculator or a brain' which was meant to be funny. I then get a snippy email from someone who thought it very mean.

Really! I think I shall go off in huff and sulk now. The world would be so much nicer with just my dogs, if somewhat boring and lacking in sex. So maybe the world wouldn't be that much nicer after all.

EDIT: is just me or is there something about commentators who only leave negative comments?
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