Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Today has turned out to be one of the worst days I have had for ages. Even with the morphine, the pain has not gone enough. I'm not taking more so this will have to go on it's own. At least it is not a dog show day. So far, I have been bad after I have shown Whitney, either at the show or on the way and certainly the day after, but luckily never bad before I have been in the ring. Maybe Scotland has caught up with me?

I am about to buy a new printer, copier, scanner. I have a LEXMARK and I hate it. It prints well and the photographs are excellent BUT the damn thing has a stupid paper input and it doesn't like to take the paper either. How to bugger up a good piece of equipment, give it a crap paper feeder. I can't deal with it any more so it's off to the tip.

I really am getting fed up with John trying to control the way I express myself. I am half Latin, I emote! This morning, Carly knocked over a pint of water which landed in my knitting bag, which also has drugs in it, camera bits, etc cos it's the bag I also take ot shows. Well, I was very upset and I showed it. I cursed and yelled but at no one in particular and he tells me to calm down! He is so ENGLISH!!! Don't show your emotions. Keep cool, stiff upper lip and all that shit. URGH!!!! So I lost it with him and told it plainly to stop trying to control me. I wasn't upset with him and I don't treat him badly, so he really has no need to try and prevent me emoting. Of course, by doing so, he more or less guarantees that I become upset with him.

John's socks are coming along well. Now that I am on the leg, I could do what I wanted with the pattern after all. Now we have a different pattern on the foot and it melts into the slightly differing one on the leg. Two for one!

My own multi coloured socks in Blue Faced Leicester and nylon are coming along nicely too. I have done a zigzag textured stitch on them.

I did some dyeing yesterday. One pair dyed cream. I took a turquoise pair, and added a Royal Blue but only allowed it wash in it for 10 minutes before washing and rinsing. I didn't want Royal Blue as I already have a pair. I had two turquoise because Dylon changed the name of their turquoise to Bahama Blue and silly me didn't see they were same colour and I didn't want two turquoise pairs.

I have quite a collection of different coloured trousers now. All white jeans dyed to what I want them to be. I want a pair of light purple so I think I shall use a lavender and intense violet together and see what I get.

Last night we watched two films and we enjoyed both, A Bunch of Amateurs and City of Ember. Tonight we will watch Mirrors and Slumdog Millionaire.
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