Saturday, September 05, 2009


John has been here all week so we have done all sorts of things around the house and shops. Not much in the way of shopping. Less time spent at the PC.

Bridget and Whitney are both in season, with Whitney almost over her's and Bridget a week behind her.

The boys are not too distracted, with Luque the experienced one, being the main moaner! Poor thing. I've told him he isn't likely to get any nookie until next year. Mind you, I think he may have a visiting bitch in the next few weeks. James is distracted too but he isn't so much and he also seems like he doesn't really know why he is!

I have a dog show tomorrow.

It is cold here. Yesterday when we went out, I had to wear my tights for the first time. The wind is high thus making it colder. Mind you, indoors is about ready for the heating to be on. I guess any idea of a late summer has gone.

I have been doing better and the pain of Wednesday has diminished to more manageable levels. After pharmaceutical advice, I am taking the paracetamol regularly along with a half dose of Tramadol. Then I 'top up' with more Tramadol or morphine if the pain gets beyond a level. It seems that by taking the paracetamol at regular intervals, the pills have less work to do than if I lay off them until it becomes essential. The reason, I am told, Wednesday was so bad, and it took several hours and doses before the pain stopped, was because I waited too long and thus it was a while before there was enough in my system. Something along those lines anyway.

I have my clothes sorted for tomorrow. The waistcoat was made for me out of material I sourced on Ebay. I have some others being made up from material I sourced in the same way. I shall try and get photographed today to blog it.

I have not been to the pool since the police officer bully incident. I really feel let down by the staff there and the good feeling I have had about this pool has gone. I am so disappointed that they allowed the bully to win and didn't use the rules to protect me as they could have.

Carly has gone all weird. She has always been a very in your face dog, loves everyone and wants to meet everyone. I showed her once and she loved it, jumping up to lick the judge. Now she is frightened of everyone. I have no idea why. Nothing has happened to freak her out. It could be that she has PMT as she too is due in season. I have no idea. I have not experienced this with any of my dogs before, not ever. I am not happy at all with this turn of events and I can only hope that she reverts back to her normal self. If she doesn't, I will not breed her.

I am on the home stretch of both of John's socks and ought to have them finished in the next couple of days and I will blog them then.

We just watched The Duchess which was good and abotu the ancestors of Diana, Princess of Wales. We also saw Easy Virtue which was an amusing costume piece set between the wars in upper crust England. Slumdog Millionaire was excellent and not all what we were expecting. Well worth seeing. Mirrors we switched off after 26 minutes. John would have switched off earlier as it was unbelievable. Really, who would have stayed after the first incident? I switched off as soon as it showed burning people. No thanks.
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