Sunday, September 13, 2009


This will be short as I am knackered.

It was cold, windy, and I was not good. I knew it might be cold so I took a pair of thermal support tights with me in case I needed them. I did need them, but I forgot I would not be able to get undressed and put them on without help so that was a no go. How could I forget my condition?

The day didn't start off well. I forgot to take Whitney and had to turn back. We then saw a sign saying the A1 was closed from S Neots onwards. Okay, so there will a diversion, right? Yes there was! 30 miles of it and back to where we came from!!!!! Why the f*** didn't they sign that BEFORE?

Arrived at the show later than usual. The parking attendant, or SS officer, was insistent we had to go to a car park which we thought was not right. It was too far away and couldn't be the disabled one. It was, he insisted. He said you just walk a short way and there was the show. RUBBISH!!!!! A short way to the able bodied is a long way to those of us who are not. Plus the disabled car park was precisely where we said to him it was. I blew my top at him and went back to my car and moved it. We were thus parked directly outside the main gate and just yards form the ringside. I cannot abide Jobsworths. Give them a reflective jacket and a badge and the power corrupts them.

I am glad I wore the red outfit with the red fedora. I was nervous about it but it went down well.

The idea of the loose red striped shirt was because I have been very bloated this last few days and I did not want a waistcoat to add to the pressure. As the day wore on, I began to be less bloated but my usual pain grew worse. I was surprised at the amount of people who could see I wasn't having a good day. I finally asked someone why they asked and they told me I was white in the face. Oh. John says he only has to look at my face to see how I am and I assumed it was because he knew me well. Seems not as people who I don't know well also see it. Others notice I am rough before I do!

It was a very good day. Whitney gained her 5th CC. She is not yet 22 months old. She enjoyed herself too. The same lovely male got BOB as he did last time Whitney was Best Bitch, he was best Male and Best Of Breed.

I have come to the conclusion that people who make comments one can hear do so so that one can hear! As I was doing the lap of honour with Whitney, someone, I have no idea who, said 'of course the judge is queer too.' Now clearly this idiot doesn't entertain the possibility that Whitney and Jerry (the male) are good Apso, so they won. Also, no matter how many gay/homosexual people use that word to define themselves, it is still used offensively and always will be. The definition of the word doesn't describe me or other homosexuals I know. We are really quite ordinary people. No amount of political posturing will make queer an acceptable adjective to me or many others like me. My friend Ian would never call himself Nigger Ian. If he did people would be rightly appalled. It's a pity that the pejorative term for gay people seems to have gained an acceptance with my fellows. I think it is sad and misguided. It does nothing to make the word okay and seems to only have convinced those who use the word against us that it is okay now to do so. An own goal, I think.

Oh and I discovered something else, Being brilliant, as I am, it takes a while for the penny to drop. I took a full whack of pills when I got in and do not feel as well as I thought I would. Well of course not! I have been up 20 hours, spent 10 in the cold and wind, and drove 250 miles. Duh! Painkillers won't alter that.

Another example of my high IQ: until last year I never ate Lemon Sole because I do not like citrus flavoured food.......yes I know now, but well, what else was I supposed to think? I can't believe I was 49 before I knew my error.

I did a fair bit of knitting at the show and have finished the Jagger socks. All I need to do is cast off and blog them.


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