Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have been swimming three days in a row. I am getting to bed much earlier and have cut down the laps by half. Doing half still takes effort but doesn't leave me exhausted and in pain.

I am also following a different drug regime and am taking the least strong ones every 6 hours regardless. I then top up with the Tramadol. This seems to be working well. I have not had to take the morphine except for dog show days.

I have a dog show tomorrow which for some reason I think may not be good one for Whitney but I shall enjoy the day out anyway. I shall be in bed by 7pm tonight and up at 2am.

The darkness seems to arrived ratehr rapidly. It's dark by 8pm now and I was up at 5am this morning and it was over an hour before it became light. Winter is on it's way. In fact I have had the heating on this last two nights for a while.

I know the weather will not be warm tomorrow and I will not make the silly mistake I made last week and take my thermal tights with me. I shall put them on! You'd think wouldn't you that I would remember I couldn't get the tights on without help?

I am off to sort out an outfit for tomorrow. I may get a photograph later and blog it. I am planning on turquoise to go with my turquoise Trilby.

When I ordered my drugs early this morning online, I noticed there was a note to say I had an appointment with Elizabeth on Monday at 10am. No one had told me and I was worried about it as I had blood testes done a couple of weeks ago. I just called and Barbara said apart from what she had already told me about my cholesterol, everything else was okay. So I guess Elizabeth just wants to nag me about taking more statins which I am not keen on doing.
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