Monday, September 07, 2009


Yesterday was wash out as regards the showing, Whitney was unplaced. It enabled me to leave early. The male who was Best of Breed at both shows last weekend was also unplaced.

It was a good day, fun to be there. A little perturbing. People who have hitherto not been friendly were. One commented on my clothing positively and then later invited me to the food and drink party which people throw to celebrate the making up of a Champion. I said thank you but no because of my dietary needs. The response was please come, find something you can eat, I shall be offended if you don't! Then another came with an invite and said 'it won't be the same without you'. I went and I did find some veggies and cold meats I could eat.

I was standing talking with Marge and she made some comment or other about knickers and I undid my zip to show that I was wearing my support tights. Well, a woman yelled out 'what's he doing now?!' as if I always do something at the shows! Anyway, I said I was just showing Marge my hose and I couldn;t bend to show he from the bottoms of my legs. Well, this had people in fits. It was not until later in the car when I was telling my travelling companion, Angie, and she started to laugh that I realised how what I had said could have been interpreted. I can still be quite naive!

I also got a surplice in that I saw Ken (I have known him and Thelma 28 years) as he had come along to give his bitch to someone so she could visit the person's stud.

All in all, it was good day and I was home by 4pm so was able to have a nap. Oh, and just be chance my chair happened to be the same shade of green as my clothing and hat so people thought that was by design when it was just coincidence. It will clash with my cothing next Sunday at Richmond.

I am amazed at the amount of people who talk to me at the shows. People form other breeds. People who I don't know say hello. They come up and talk about my clothes or my knitting. It is really quite enjoyable. There are those too who must assume I am deaf because their ignorant and petulant comments are quite audible. On the whole though, I have positive days at shows and I let the wankers go their merry way.

Poor Luque is still mithering a lot because of the girls being in season. Whitney is passed being ripe and Bridget is just approaching being ripe. No sign yet that Carly is coming into season.

I have almost finished John's socks but doubt I can photograph them until he is home at the weekend. They are too big for me and they need to be seen on the foot in order for the ribbing pattern to show.
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